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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Airport Advisory Committee is working to better market the capital city's airport for people in mid-Missouri.

"Basically we're wanting people to understand what we have there, and what it offers, and what value it brings to the city," Jefferson City Operations Division Director Britt Smith said.

The committee plans to work with the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce.

According to a study done by MoDOT, the airport brings 250 jobs and more than $21 million into the community.

Smith said the airport can bring new businesses that will bring more jobs and money to Jefferson City because people can fly in out of the city.

"Corporations will find it very valuable to be able to land very close to where they are coming, either to work with our state legislators, or opening up a business," Smith said. 

Smith said Jefferson City is not competing with Columbia Regional Airport, but instead is a good compliment to the airport.

"Columbia Regional is increasing that passenger service, which is absolutely vital to our region," Smith said. "And we want to support them and that endeavor."

Airport Advisory Committee Member Jeff Naught said Memorial Airport brings general aviation, state aviation, and military aviation to mid-Missouri.

Naught said the committee will work with the Chamber of Commerce to determine how other communities have worked with their airport to better promote it. He said the committee will try to work with a firm that can conduct a study on marketing the airport. 

Smith said they are beginning the process of creating a master layout of new phases of the airport that may include a new control tower, or increasing the length of the cross wind runway. 

Smith said Memorial Airport has the sixth largest number of takeoffs and landings in the state, with more than 30,000 operations taking off in and out of the airport per year.