JC Hosts Flood Meeting

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JEFFERSON CITY - City officials held a meeting in city hall Thursday to answer flood questions for residents. The National Weather Service is predicting Jefferson City will break flood stage Sunday.

A city official said the city is preparing for anywhere from 27-35 feet of flooding. The flood of 1993 was 38 feet of water. The city official said that while waters are not projected to be as high this time, the worry is that flood waters this year may stay for months, unlike the flood waters in '93, which went down within days.

Jefferson City's flood stage is 23 feet. As of 12 p.m. Thursday, the water was measured to be around 22 feet, but the National Weather Service is estimating it may be about a foot and a half over flood stage by next Tuesday.

The city said that while it is preparing for floods in the 30's, as of right now it doesn't seem likely.