JC shelter

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City animal shelter invited Missouri Director of Agriculture Jon Hagler for a guided tour of the facility Tuesday. Shelter Manager Karen Jennings led Hagler through the facility, which opened just seven months ago. The new center is nearly twice as big and has more cages, as well as a secure outdoor area for the animals to play. According to Jennings, one of the most prevalent changes is the on-site veterinary clinic which allows for animals to be cared for immediately and efficiently.

Hagler also took time to speak about the "I'm Pet Friendly" program which helps provide grants for  for spay and neuter services. The program raises money by selling "I'm Pet Friendly" specialty license plates. Twenty dollars from each plate goes to the program. Last year, the program raised $20,000 which will give ten $2000 grants to animal shelters, humane societies, and non-profit organizations in need. The deadline for these groups to apply is February 15.

Anyone interested in applying to the program or purchasing the specialty license plate can go to the Department of Agriculture's website for more information.