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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City Public Schools has seen their enrollment numbers grow in the past five years.

Those numbers have caused the school district to take a look at itself and see how it can match or meet the increase.

JCHS believes a new high school is the answer.

The school board believes a single campus would benefit all students, and their needs.

Also, according to their research, it is the cheapest option. The following four reasons explain why a single cmapus will be cost-beneficial.

1) Ongoing operation cost of a single campus is less expensive than operating two or more schools.

2) A single high school allows for the best use of staff.

3) Cost of one new multi-academy campus is cheaper than renovating the current high school and building another school.

4) The impact on the local economy will help local contractors  who may not have the means to bid on a single large high school.

The new high school will come to vote in the 2013 April elections.

For more infomation about the school board plans,you can visit www.NewJCHS.us