JCHS Permit

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Board of Adjustment will hear from the public Tuesday morning about issuing a conditional use permit for the new high school.

The new school would be located on Mission Drive off Highway 179. 

"One component of their plans in the approval process to construct this school there is to receive land use approval," Eric Barron said. "So what's occurring in front of the board of adjustment is the consideration of the land use permit that would allow the school to be constructed on that site." 

Barron is Jefferson City's planning manager, and his division acts as the staff support to the board of adjustment. 

He said the board will discuss the possible impacts of building a school in that location. The school district already owns the land on Mission Drive. 

Barron said schools are a conditional use of any zoning district by the city's zoning code.

"The board of adjustment would be looking at this site design that has been put together for the school and on how it impacts surrounding property," Barron said.

He said they will decide whether the site design adequately minimizes negative impacts on surrounding areas and whether conditions need to be put in place to reduce impacts. 

Barron said the school district has done a good job picking a property, and along with the new school a new city street will be constructed for even greater access to the school.

"Being located next to a major highway with good access from the new street, access from multiple streets, but also being a such a large piece of property," Barron said. 

The location is a good distance from other properties, he said. The new city street would be close to Portabello Place Drive and Notting Hill Drive, but Barron said the city would install some buffers or landscaping to minimize impacts on those streets. 

Barron said the board can vote to approve the permit at the meeting after the hearing. He said this is just one in many steps of building the school. 

If the permit is approved, construction is slated to begin in spring of 2018.

Barron said this project has been of concern to Jefferson City residents for some time now.

"There's a certain number of students working their way through the system and it's really imperative that the facilities be in place to serve those students," Barron said.