JCPD joins seasonal sober driving campaign

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JEFFERSON CITY - Police will be out in greater numbers over the next 10 days to combat impaired teen driving.

With more than 230 injuries and fatalities over the past three years, due to accidents with impaired teens, MoDOT is hoping to use this campaign to remind teens "it only takes one moment to redefine your future."

One MoDOT employee said the focus is really on helping the youth.

"We want teenagers to know that there is a lot more to their future," MoDOT's Youth Program Coordinator, Kacey Buschjost said. "We want them to make the right choice and never drink alcohol - and definitely never drive impaired."

Missouri is a zero tolerance state, which means teens can lose their license if they are found guilty for any alcohol infraction while driving.

Others have said this campaign is one of the state's most important traffic safety efforts.

"This is a very impactful campaign," The chair of the executive committee of the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, Bill Whitfield, said in a press release. "The futures of today's teens can be quickly shattered by the consequences of one moment - one careless decision to get behind the wheel while impaired."

The Jefferson City police department's traffic unit supervisor said this campaign can be a helpful reminder for the adults, too.

"Driving while intoxicated is not acceptable and it is never worth all the consequences. Don't become a statistic. Be a hero; save a life," Jefferson City Police Sgt. Doug Ruediger said.