JCPD responds to community concerns over policing

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JEFFERSON CITY- Some Jefferson City residents say they have noticed more crime in their neighborhoods in the past year.

At the city council meeting Monday, one resident , Ken Quaethem, the co-chair of Old Munichburg's neighborhood watch, said he felt there was crime in his neighborhood that wasn’t being addressed by police.

Lieutenant Dave Williams of the Jefferson City Police Department said this is not the case.

“As far as what he said. That is his belief. And to not say there haven’t been problems in his neighborhood would be unfair for me to even try, because there was a homicide in the neighborhood that he’s referring to. So yes, there was a problem there. But if you also remember, we did take someone into custody regarding that homicide and assault investigation,” he said.

Williams also said that police do work to monitor safety and resolve issues, but that many times people don’t understand these issues can take more time to deal with.

“A lot of things we do, don’t happen overnight, nor do they happen to where people see them. There are investigations that happen in the background. There are things that are going on that might take more than one day or one week to solve,” he said.

Williams said he thinks there are misconceptions about police work since people don’t know about all the methods the department does to monitor safety and security.

“Just because they don’t see the marked police car driving through the area  after a complaint, that does not mean that we haven’t heard that complaint and have not made steps to try to solve what problem the citizen was solve what the citizen was concerned about.”

Williams said in general, crime in Jefferson City has gone down, excluding from vehicle break ins, which has risen. Burglaries are down 18%, and robberies are down 26%.