JCPS New High School

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City Public Schools will have two high schools by August 2019.

The district held a groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday and revealed the name of its newest addition: Capital City High School.

"Throughout the entire campaign we felt we were out of space," said District Superintendent Larry Linthicum. "We wanted to give students more opportunity to meet their potential through having two high schools instead of one."

The district has addressed overcrowding issues in the past. It's current high school, Jefferson City High School, has two trailers with students in them.

A naming committee worked alongside community members to determine the school's new name. Choices included Mission High School and Stoneridge High School.

"The committee narrowed it to three names and then we took those three to our board of education," he said. "From there we asked the community and they voted on it -- and Capital City [won] overwhelmingly."

Linthicum said working with the community is crucial -- especially since they're paying for the new building.

"It's funded through community tax dollars," he said. "It just makes sense that we're going to do this together."

Brock Schofield will be among the first class of students to graduate from the school.

"I can't wait for the brand new facility that we get to go in," he said. "It's just going to be a great opportunity."

The construction area has already been cleared. According to Linthicum, construction will begin in "the next couple of months."

One of the next steps in the process is choosing the school's mascot and colors. You can give your opinion by filling out this survey.

Linthicum said choosing the mascot and colors "will be a community, team effort as well."