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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City Council met on Tuesday night to discuss possibly cutting the budget of or killing JCTV, a PEG(Public Education Government) channel. JCTV debuted back in 1988 televising City Council meetings and various shows made by students. Recently, the budget for JCTV has more than doubled to $165,000.

Tuesday night, JCTV staff commented on the possible elimination of the public access channel. In 2004, an agreement made JCTV an asset to journalism students at Lincoln University. Professors from the journalism department at Lincoln University said, "JCTV is an extremley valuable resource for Lincoln University." Lincoln University gets a grant from the city to help fund the school's use of the facilities and equipment. That grant is in the middle of Lincoln University's budget year. Therefore, making this budget cut a problem for the city council.

Lincoln University helped with a $200,000 renovation of JCTV to remove mold. 

Many members of the city council agreed that cutting JCTV out of the budget is "not fair." The council voted 7 to 3 to reconsider the JCTV budget. City Council members say this does not necessarily mean JCTV will stay. The council will meet to revise the budget on Thursday night.