Jeff City Children's Fair

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JEFFERSON CITY - Kids developed their own brand and sold their products at the Jefferson City Children's Business Fair on Sunday. They sold a variety of items including jewelry, soap, ice cream and lip balm.

Children ages 7-16 set up booths in an indoor pavilion in McClung Park. Each booth had decorations and signs to promote the product. 

Nine-year-old Abdullah Dawud sold baklava he made with his mother. He said presentation is important for selling any product. 

"You have to make your things like really good so people will come over. You just don't want to have just plates with nothing," he said. "You have to make something that will make people come over to you."

Dawud said the fair is a great place for kids to learn how to use money and make change, as well. 

The event was sponsored by Acton Academy, the Acton School of Business, KR Walker Enterprises and RN Entertainment. 

Regina Blanchard-Walker organized the first ever Jefferson City Children's Business Fair with her family.

Blanchard-Walker said she was impressed by the entrepreneurial skills of the kids. 

"When I started getting the applications in, I was amazed at what some of the children were proposing for their businesses to be and what they wanted to sell," she said. 

She said they are already considering doing another fair in the fall because of high demand. 

"We were going to wait until next year, but I've had several people approach me within the last two weeks and today asking if we could do another one," Blanchard-Walker said. 

She said the fair is a great way to get children thinking about their future while being independent.