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JEFFERSON CITY -- The American Red Cross will open a Multi-Agency Resource Center (MARC) Thursday to help those impacted by last week's tornado.

Wednesday the organization set up tables and chairs to prepare for an event being held in Jefferson City's Linc Center. 

The event will be held Thursday from 11 a.m.-8 p.m and Friday from 9a.m.-1p.m. in the back basketball gym. 

An American Red Cross volunteer said the group is expecting over 30 agencies to attend. 

For assistance, the Red Cross said you must bring proof of address, lease, form of ID and a bill detailing your personal information. 

These agencies are providing resources ranging from mental health, agriculture to legal services. 

The Salvation Army will be providing lunch and dinner on Thursday, and lunch on Friday. 

Carl Manning, a Red Cross volunteer, said they're prepared to help in any way the Red Cross possibly can. 

"Keep in mind, that all of us in this room here, have one job in mind... we are in the people-helping business," Manning said. "We are here to help those who need assistance, to recover and get their lives back to where they can resume some manner of normalcy."

Manning says for those attending the MARC event will register at the front door and be escorted by Adventist Disaster Relief organization members to make sure they find assistance for all needs. 

Before leaving the event, a volunteer will go with them through their checklist to make sure they visited each table necessary. 

After walking out the doors, people will have the opportunity to pick up clean-up kits to help return their homes to liveable conditions. 

People can also pick up a hot meal outside of the event on behalf of the Salvation Army. 

Manning said although they already have a list of agencies scheduled to attend, if a few extra show up, they will do everything to accommodate the extra help. 

"A lot of the agencies that we have, have been partners with the Red Cross for many many years," Manning said. 

He said the process might take people an hour to make their way through all necessary agencies. 

"Or it may take a person three or four hours. It depends on their level of need and frankly how they feel at the time," Manning said. "Some people feel the need to talk, and the people here that's helping, we're not going to cut them off, if they need to tell their story we're here to listen."

American Red Cross said they're also working on organizing another multi-agency resource center in Eldon, Missouri, on Saturday, June 1 from (10a.m. to 7p.m.) located at the First Church of the Nazarene. 

For those unable to come to the resource center, help can still be offered by calling (573) 575-5001.