Jeff City School District Warns Local Businesses of Misleading Ads

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JEFFERSON CITY - Officials with the Jefferson City Public Schools (JCPS) warned local businesses Thursday about misleading advertisements coming from a Texas-based company.

Business owners in Jefferson City notified the school district Wednesday they have been contacted by Elite Design Advertising in Arlington, Texas to underwrite posters with the JCPS mascot and logo.

David Luther, Assistant to the Superintendent, said Elite Design contacts communities across the country all of the time. "They are not doing anything illegal," Luther said. "It's just misleading."

When the advertising company initially contacts a business, they will say, for example, they are doing a poster or calendar for Jefferson City High School. Those in the community assume that proceeds go to the district.

"They don't ever tell you there is no affiliation," Luther said.

He said this misleading advertising happens to the school district about four times each year, coming from a different company each time. Two of those occurrences happened twice in the past two weeks.

If a business is ever uncertain about an advertising company contacting them with questionable material, Luther said to contact the district immediately.