Jefferson City 5-year-old trading toys to help homeless

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JEFFERSON CITY - Most 5-year-olds may not be big on sharing toys, but kindergartner Landon Connally is giving them away completely in order to help those less fortunate.

With cars, trucks, Nerf guns and baseball gloves laid out on a six-foot white table in the parking lot of Hyvee, Connally and his family waved at cars all evening hoping for donations of canned goods.

The five-year-old's goal is to fill the trunk of his family's Dodge Grand Caravan with cans. After going door-to-door the past two weeks, he dropped off half a van load to his school yesterday. 

Connally's school, St. Peter Interparish, is participating in the third annual War on Hunger food drive, an effort shared by three other Catholic schools in the area. He took it as an opportunity to make a difference.

“I just decided to get cans because I can get them. It’s actually worth it because there’s people out there with no food,” Connally said.

Between football, soccer and taekwondo practices, Connally is going door to door the rest of the week seeking out donations. His family hopes to set up in another centralized location in Jefferson City so people can easily donate.

To his parents, Landon's willingness to help and provide for others is no surprise. In the past he has used his own money to buy food for the homeless.

“He’s always trying to spend his own allowance on things like that,” Russell Connally, Landon’s father, said. “Ever since he could understand there were homeless or needy people.”

Landon's dad said he's proud that his son has such awareness for helping others at such a young age. 

"I’ve always been a nurturing, caring person and that means I’m doing my job as a father, showing him the right path and he’s understanding," he said. "To me, it’s wonderful, I couldn’t ask for anything better.” 

The last day for the schools to collect canned good donations to be collected is this Friday.