Jefferson City aims to improve pedestrian system

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JEFFERSON CITY – Residents in the Jefferson City area had a chance to give their input on a new pedestrian and bicycle plan Thursday.

The plan is intended to improve safety, connectivity and mobility in the Jefferson City region for walkers and bicyclists.

"We have a very strong pedestrian infrastructure starting in our downtown area," said transportation planner Alex Rotenberry. "Unfortunately, the farther and farther you get out, the more and more it is auto-oriented rather than pedestrian-oriented."

CAMPO is a federally mandated organization responsible for transportation planning involving aspects such as bike and pedestrian trails, public transit, automobile transportation and access and mobility.

The plan is meant to address specific issues in each distinct jurisdiction, which Rotenberry says differ for every community.

"The process we used to develop the plan was heavy in public participation," said senior transportation planner Sonny Sanders. "Hopefully that will help strengthen the ideas and concepts in our plan as being valid and something the community desires to see in the future."

Rotenberry mentioned projects such as creating on-street bike paths, connecting the pedestrian bridge over the Missouri River to the Greenway Trail or from residential areas to downtown.

"I think we have a lot of pieces already there. We're just missing that last 2 percent," Rotenberry said. "We're almost there, it's just that last step we need before we'll have a more unified system throughout the city and hopefully within the region within a couple years."

CAMPO will present its pedestrian and bicycle plan to its board of directors next week.