Jefferson City Airport Receives $3.6 Million Grant

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JEFFERSON CITY - During Tuesday's Public Works and Planning Committee meeting, Britt Smith, the operations director, announced the Jefferson City Memorial Airport would receive a $3.6 million grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation. Smith says this money will be split into two renovation projects for the airport, package one and package two.

Package one will take $400,000 and will be used to replace the voltage regulator. The voltage regulator controls the power output of the airport. Package two will cost $3.2 million. This money will be used to replace and rewire the runway lights as well as mill and pave the two runways.

According to Smith, this plan to renovate has been in the works for six months and he hopes it will be completed by this time next year. Smith also says that everything at the airport is safe and in working condition but is "not as efficient as it could be."