Jefferson City and Boone County 911 call center backup plan

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JEFFERSON CITY - Boone County and Jefferson City discussed an agreement to respond as backup for each other's 911 call centers.

Director of the Boone County Communications Department Chad Martin said the agreement gives each 911 center another backup point in the event their own call center is down.

The backup system will only go into effect under circumstances when one call center absolutely cannot receive calls. 

"For example if you evacuate the building or there is some problem receiving the calls in Boone County, they will route to Jefferson City and Jefferson City will relay information back," Martin said. 

Boone County would then still sends its own responders to the emergency since it's in their jurisdiction.

Martin said the backup agreement has very minimal ongoing costs and is helpful for both departments.

The backup call plan was tested out earlier this month when Boone County's phone lines upgraded so all emergency calls rerouted to Jefferson City.

The agreement includes police, fire and medical departments. 

The Boone County Commission plans to have a second reading of the backup call center agreement on April 24. 

Jefferson City has already agreed to the proposed plan.