Jefferson City celebrates with its \"Salute to America\" festival

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JEFFERSON CITY - People traveled from all over Missouri to attend the annual "Salute to America" festival in Jefferson City.

People could enjoy rides, music and other events -- like a hot dog eating contest. Saturday was the second day of the two day festival. 

The Knickmeyer family came from Washington, Mo. to celebrate America's birthday.

Kaitlyn Knickmeyer said she thinks Washington is boring and that's why they traveled to the festival. Another member of the family said the trip was about more than just escaping boredom.

"We were looking for something different," Angela Knickmeyer said. "Each year on the Fourth of July, we try to do something really unique to create a different memory. And we were like, 'You know, why not? Let's go to Jefferson City this year. There's this Salute to America festival and let's give it a shot.'"

The Knickmeyer family said around 3 p.m. they were enjoying the festival so far and were looking forward to the fireworks that would go off behind the Missouri State Capitol at the end of the night.