Jefferson City Combines Education and Exercise

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JEFFERSON CITY - Parents have a new way to exercise and help their kids practice reading all at the same time. The Storybook Trail program allows families to read a children's book as they walk along local trails. 

Recreation Supervisor Laurie Herzing said it is all about getting people out of the house and into nature together. 

"It's something the adults can do with the kids while they're walking and getting their exercise so they can stop at different intervals and read pages of the book," Herzing said.

One local grandparent said her grandkids love it. 

"He loves to just read. He's in second grade," Maggie Rush said. "They have this at other parks in the city at different times." 

The program is a part of a larger initiative to encourage people to exercise. 

"There's been a big push this year with childhood obesity for park and recreations and school to come up with some unique ideas to get people out of the house. This is just one of the ideas that we came up with," Herzing said.

In this case, education and exercise come at a small cost to the city. Herzing said Scholastic donates the books and a local sign company gives the signs. The only thing the city has to pay for is the tape to put the pages on the signs. Herzing said the program probably costs about $30 per year. 

The Storybook Trail program resumes again in the spring.