Jefferson City company cleans school playgrounds for free

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JEFFERSON CITY — A Jefferson City company is offering free cleanings to ten mid-Missouri school playgrounds. 

It began back in February with a Facebook contest in honor of Random Acts of Kindness Day. Their offer of cleaning four playgrounds in the midst of flu season, quickly changed to an offer of 10 playgrounds because of the amount of participation. The post had over 1400 shares and more than 500 comments. 

"We want to give them a nice, clean play area where they can just have fun outside and enjoy the weather a little bit," Wash Authority owner, Erick Wulff, said.

With the current pandemic, Wash Authority is seeing an increase in cleanings. They are booked solid for the next week, with only a few openings in the upcoming three weeks. 

"We do have more calls coming in," Wulff said. "Our phones haven't dropped off at all or anything like that."

With the increased demand for cleaning, the company is extending its hours, even working on weekends. 

"If we can give back just that little bit that we can," he said. "It kind of gives us like a sense of satisfaction that we can give back just in this way that we are. "

Wash Authority completed a cleaning at the Special Learning Center in Jefferson City on Sunday. This was an added service they did for free, so that makes it number 11 of the initial ten offered. 

Debbie Hamler works at the Special Learning Center and said Wash Authority refused to let them pay for the service.

"They are so kind and wanted to help us keep our children safe and healthy," Hamler said. "It is such an overwhelmingly generous gesture. It means a lot to us."

Wash Authority said any other schools will receive a similar offer of a cleaning with a "very small investment."