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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City City Council members met Tuesday night at 6 to discuss a possible bill, which would give the city's fire department $815,000 for improvements.

This came after the failure of a quarter cent sales tax proposition, which would have generated more than $2.5 million for the department.

Officials of the department introduced the bill to the city council. Fire Chief Robert Rennick said the money is for the most needed equipment and he has heard good support on the bill from the public.

Some city council members also said they support the bill since public safety should be No.1 on everyone's list.

"It absolutely is needed," said City Council Member Larry Henry. "You know it's actually been a long time coming. You know I'm sort of disappointed in the fact that it had to happen this way. But we had to take some steps regardless to get it taken care of. And to get them the things that they need."

The fire department would use the money to replace old equipment, such as portable radios, fire suits and air packs.

After the discussion, the city council might vote on the bill at its next meeting.