Jefferson City Council moves vote on road closure

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City council meeting had a full house Monday night as the council discussed possible road closures on the Lincoln University campus.

After hours of discussion, the council members decided to delay the vote so they could work on the language of the agreement between the city and Lincoln University.

Students and administrators from Lincoln University attended the meeting to express their support on an agreement between the city and the university to close a portion of Chestnut Street on campus.

"If we close down the street then we can beautify the area and we can prevent vehicular traffic going through on a regular basis which happens currently" said Kevin Rome, President of Lincoln University.


Around 50 people signed up to give public comment, both supporting and opposing the agreement.

A student who supports the agreement said she occasionally has to skip class because her wheelchair is not able to navigate the uneven parts of the street.

She said by allowing Lincoln University to maintain that part of the road, it would be more accessible to her and other people with wheelchairs.

Other Jefferson City natives were concerned that closing Chestnut Street will force traffic onto other roads that aren't meant to handle the same amount of traffic.

"I feel like if we close Chestnut Street prior to fixing Clark Street then we are just sacrificing one group of students for another" said Gara Loskill, a teacher in Jefferson City.

Mayor Carrie Turgin said that the agreement will be brought up at the next city council meeting in November.