Jefferson City Council Proposes New Fire Funding Bill

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Council introduced a new bill Tuesday night that would give more than $800,000 to the Fire Department.

If passed, the money would come from the city's fund to buy new equipment for the Fire Department. The $815,000 would go towards 76 new air packs and spare cylinders, 75 hand held portable radios, 25 sets of structural gear, and several sets of natural cover gear.

Fire Chief Bob Rennick said these items are vital for the safety of the firefighters.

"With this particular amount of money we looked at the list of what is truly needed now, and we will hopefully address what we need to continue to do in future years," said Fire Chief Rennick.

The Fire Department funding bill proposal was created after a vote for a quarter-cent sales tax devoted to the Jefferson City Fire Department was rejected.

The bill is set to be voted on at the next city council meeting on September, 17.