Jefferson City Council Proposes Pay Cut

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City leaders proposed a new bill at the city council meeting Monday that would cut the salaries of the mayor and council members.

Right now, the mayor earns $900 a month, and the council members each make $450 a month. Councilman Bryan Hope wrote the bill, and if it passes, the salaries for both the mayor and the council members would be just one dollar a year.

The cut would save the city around $64,000 a year, but not everyone agrees with the bill.

Rod Chapel made a presentation in front of the council and afterwards said that the cut would leave some people out of government.

"Is $64,000 worth the disincentive that you'll have for people to participate in city government? I don't think so," Chapel said. "I think the money that we pay right now has provided for a diverse city council."