Jefferson City Council Tentatively Cuts JCTV Funding

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Council tentatively decided to cut funding for JCTV Monday. JCTV is a local programming station that airs city council meetings and other public shows. 

City Administrator Nathan Nickolaus said the budget for the 2014 fiscal year will be about 12 percent less than this year. He said funding JCTV would cost the city $110,000.

"I've struggled with it as a mayor," Jefferson City Mayor Eric Struemph said, referring to JCTV. "Compared to fire, police, and others, I just don't see it as an essential service."

The council decided Monday in the first of many budget meetings to tentatively stop funding JCTV.  When asked for motions to change the funding, no council member made a motion.  However, the decision is not final until the whole budget is evaluated by the council.

Nickolaus made it clear to the council that it needed to alert JCTV 90 days in advance of the terminated contract.  He noted that if the decision is final too close to the end of the fiscal year, the budget would have to be adjusted to fund JCTV until the end of those 90 days.