Jefferson City Council to Discuss Diner Rebuild and New Fire Station

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Council could approve various local projects at its regular meeting Monday at 6 p.m. Two projects of high interest to Jefferson City residents include the renovation of a popular diner and a new fire station. 

The council could approve rebuilding a city favorite, Oscar's Classic Diner. A fire destroyed the restaurant's interior Jan. 30.

The renovation will return the diner to its original condition and build a 1,200 square-foot addition. Before the fire, the diner served Missourians for nearly 65 years.

The Planning and Protective Services Department said this is a long-awaited rebuilding project for the city. "With it being out of commission since January, people are really excited about the rebuilding and hope to go back to eating there soon," director Janice McMillan said.

If approved, construction would begin at the end of May. 

The council will also discuss the approval of a new fire station number three to replace the one currently located on Industrial Boulevard.

This new station would sit off Highway 179 and include the same features as the other local fire stations. However, Public Works Interim Director Matt Morasch said it will also house a unique backup 911 center. This facility will include a concrete room for safety during severe weather.