Jefferson City High School joins program to help seniors apply for college

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JEFFERSON CITY – Jefferson City High School is participating for the first time in the Journey to College program, a statewide program aimed at getting high school students more prepared for college.

Journey to College is run through the Missouri Department of Higher Education. It helps parents with their childrens' college applications and filling out financial aid forms.

“In the past, Jefferson City High School has always hosted a financial aid workshop. We’ve always worked with our seniors. It’s just now a more formalized process that we’re going through,” Director of Counseling Carrie Welch said.

Welch said the high school has been trying to figure out for years how to better reach all members of the senior class. She said it’s important for students to have a plan, whether they choose to attend a four-year college or not. 

“It’s more information being presented to them. We’re constantly there talking to them, making them think about their futures instead of hiding behind the fact that they’re in their senior year and maybe don’t want to grow up yet.”

As a part of the program, the school brings in local colleges and financial aid departments to help parents.

This is the first year that applications for financial aid opened Oct. 1. Families can now use their 2015 tax returns as opposed to 2016 tax returns, which Welch says will help them make a more informed decision.