Jefferson City home center of Craigslist scam

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JEFFERSON CITY - A home that was filled with 24 years of happy memories for one family is now at the center of a Craigslist scam. 

John Sidiropoulos and his family put at the house on the market this year. Sunday they were alerted the house was up for rent on Craigslist. The family says they did not post it.

The Craigslist ad advertised the home by copying parts of the realtor's listing describing "fresh paint and beautiful hardwoods."

Sidiropoulos said the rent amount was suspicious.

"Who rents a home for 426? Most people will say 420, 425, 450," he said. "That's probably half what an average home rents around here."

Sidiropoulous said the scam is particularly worrisome to his children.

"They all grew up in this home," he said. "We raised six kids in this home in the past 20 some odd years."

His daughter, Allison Ramirez, said she emailed the scammer pretending to be interested in the house to get more information.

"He sent me this message back saying he was disabled and that this was his house and that we should keep the relators out of it because it would be cheaper," she said.

Other people who interested in the home posted to Facebook saying the scammer said they couldn't get into the house because they were out of state with a spinal injury. 

Ramirez said she is particularly upset because the scenario feels familiar.

"When my husband and I moved in together, I almost fell for something like that, but I was young and naive," she said. 

The ad was still up on Craigslist Tuesday afternoon, although multiple people, including the family, said they have reported it.

KOMU 8 News tried to contact the poster on Craigslist via email, but they did not respond.