Jefferson City Hospitals Unaffected by Tuesday\'s Water Outage

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JEFFERSON CITY - While 11,000 Jefferson City residents were left without water Tuesday morning after a water main break rupture, local hospitals seemed to be unaffected as well as prepared in case of an emergency.

Beverly Stafford, the administrative director of maketing and public relations at St. Mary's Health Center, told KOMU 8 News the only issue the center experienced was a decrease in water pressure, which affected the flushing of toilets and drinking fountains throughout the building. The pressure did return to normal around 1 P.M. Tuesday afternoon.

Stafford said the hospital did bring in water bottles and water jugs form local suppliers as a precaution should the outage get any worse.

"It's the nature of our business to be prepared for these types of things, so we've got plans and we will put those into place, anticipate how the situation will evolve, and go from there," Stafford said.

Stafford said she estimates that about 600 bottles of water were given to St. Mary's Health Center to deal with this outage. She also said the center anticipated having to postpone or delay certain procedures due to the outage, but have not done so as of yet. 

Representatives from the Capital Region Medical Center also told KOMU 8 News they were relatively unaffected by the outage as well and business proceeded as normal throughout the day. However, representatives said the situation could get "real bad real fast" if the outage does in fact continue.

A boil order was put in place Tuesday afternoon, and is expected to last until Wednesday afternoon after Missouri American Water conducts testing on the city's water supply.