Jefferson City Hosts SEC Pep Rally

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JEFFERSON CITY - Columbia isn't the only mid-Missouri city preparing for Mizzou's inaugural SEC game. The capital city is preparing a pep rally starting at 5 pm Friday in downtown Jefferson City.

The festivities will begin with street entertainment from the Capital City Boys and Girls Club High Steppers at 5 pm and will be followed by a 6 pm pep rally on the Capital grounds. Lincoln University Football Head Coach and former Mizzou running back Michael Jones will rile up Mizzou supporters during the pep rally. Other activities include a barber shop quartet, jugglers, and tumblers. Also, a extreme motorcycle stunt show will take place at 6:45 pm.

For attendees over 21, wristbands and cups will be available for $1 and multiple downtown Jefferson City bars will sell alcoholic beverages in designated festival areas.

Parking is available at the City Parking Garage at no charge. A trolley is available for free from the Truman Parking Lot, Capitol Plaza and Baymont Inn from 4:30 to 8:30 pm. The pep rally will end at 9 pm.

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(Amanda Sohaney/KOMU)