Jefferson City Increases Rates for Some Recreation Programs

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Parks and Recreation Commission approved several fee increases for some recreation programs.

Some activities at the Washington Park Ice Arena will now cost up to five dollars more. The facility now charges $230 per hour for prime-time rental, $180 for non-prime-time rental. Cosponsored activities went up from $155 to $160 per hour and learn-how-to-skate/play hockey programs increased from $40 to $42. Other team training sessions such as formation sensations went up from $125 to $150.

Washington Park Ice Arena recreation supervisor Kerri Gates says prices go up every year due to other rising costs.

"It's just to help cost-recovery for us," Gates said. "Most of our cost-recovery is under 60 percent, so it helps us get back to where we need. As minimum wage increases keep going up and the cost of utilities keep increasing then, it's something necessary to help keep the facility going."

Fees for public and freestyle sessions did not increase.

The "High School Hoops" program will now also cost more - up from $170 to $185, and the NFL Flag Football will charge $60 for its registration fee.