Jefferson City Installs Seven New Emergency Warning Sirens

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City held a ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday to mark the half-way point of the city's installation of new outdoor emergency warning sirens.

So far, the city has installed seven out of 14 sirens. The city plans on putting in five more by next week.

After the Joplin tornado in May 2011, the decided its outdated 30 year old sirens needed to be replaced.

"We found out that Joplin residents reported they were not hearing the warning sirens for the tornado. By replacing these, we want to make sure that doesn't happen here," said Jefferson City Mayor Eric Struemph.

The new sirens installed feature digital technology that will blast warning sirens along with voice messages to warn citizens of impending danger.

Other features of the newer sirens include broadcast audio over a 360-degree radius and solar panels to power the sirens.

"Before when we ran tests, it was almost like a cry-wolf type of scenario. People didn't know what was going on, if it was real or not. Now, the new sirens can deliver voice announcements, letting citizens know what is going on," said Jefferson City Police Department Captain Bob Cynova.

The city paid for the sirens through the capital improvements sales tax it implemented last year. Each new siren cost about $25,000.

The 12 new sirens locations are County Park, JCFD Station 5, 3700 West Truman Blvd., 2900 South Ten Mile Drive, Rock Hill Rd, Memorial Park, Southwest School, Cedar Hill School, Oak Hills Golf Course, East School, Lewis and Clark Middle School, and Robinson Road.

"We wanted to make sure the sirens covered every school in the Jefferson City School District," said Cynova.