Jefferson City Kmart Customers React to Possible Closing

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JEFFERSON CITY - Sears Holding Corporation announced Tuesday it will close more than 100 Kmart and Sears stores nation-wide, but the company hasn't announced which Kmarts will be shutting their doors. People living in Jefferson City hope they won't lose the only Kmart in Jefferson City.

"It's been here a long time and I'd hate to see it close," said Kmart customer Harold Fry. "I mean it's the only one around in this area, we do quite a bit of shopping here off and on."

Fry also said he goes to Kmart to spread out where he shops, instead of just going to Walmart for every shopping trip. And for Kmart employee Jordan Feddersen, the store closing would be a direct hit to her pocket book.

"This is my job and this is the only job I have. And there's not really any jobs available anymore," Feddersen said.

The announcement of store closings comes after holiday sales for 2011 are down compared to this time last year. The company said shutting down the stores will generate approximately $170 million in cash after inventory sales. Sears has more than 4,000 stores in the U.S. and Canada. Check the website here for the updated list of closings once it is released.