Jefferson City makes regulations for Uber

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JEFFERSON CITY - A Jefferson City Council committee met earlier this week to discuss the possibility of rideshare company Uber coming to the city. 

Uber reservations for a ride can be made through cell phone applications that connect drivers to customers.

Uber has not confirmed its arrival to the Jefferson City area, but the committee put regulations in place Wednesday. The rideshare company would have to abide by the same safety regulations taxi services follow. 

Opponents say safety is the primary concern of the rideshare company possibly coming to the capital.

A private taxi company, Checker Cab, worries Uber would have to cover the citizens of Jefferson City because private insurance would not cover any accidents with the commercial company. The company has already seen lawsuits from customers after injuries from accidents. 

Checker Cab is currently the only cab company in the Jefferson City area. The general manager Michael Olive said the city does not pose a dire need of the transportation service.

"We do provide excellent service here. Our wait time is less than twenty minutes. So if they do decide to come, they're going to have a fight on their hands because we excel at what we do." 

The Jefferson City council will meet on December 15 to discuss the topic.