Jefferson City mall faces several store closures

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JEFFERSON CITY — Up to 140 J.C. Penney stores across the country will close, the chain announced Friday.

The general manager for Capital Mall in Jefferson City, Jamie Reed, said it's up to corporate whether or not its J.C. Penney location will close and, as of right now, he has "no idea" what the outcome will be. Several other name brand giants are closing at the mall in the coming weeks. 

Payless is set to leave the mall Saturday and Sears is also departing.

"I hope the mall can get revived and maybe get more people to come out and see what it has to offer," shopper Carol Forck said. 

She was at the mall to see what Sears had to offer before it officially closes, she said.

Other major companies that have had to close stores around the country are Macy's, Kmart and The Limited. 

Shopper Stacie Nutt said she rarely goes to Capital Mall because the store she used to shop in, Deb, is no longer there and she would like a greater variety of shops. 

"It's kind of depressing," Nutt said. "Now that we have more shops closing it kind of takes away from the home feel of it." 

Slackers CD's and Games manager Ben Propst said, despite the major companies leaving Capital Mall, the small companies are still continuing to thrive. 

"It's been good to us," Propst said. "I think for the local businesses in the area it's a pretty good place to rent out."