Jefferson City Man Accused of Double Homicide Faces Trial

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COLE COUNTY - A Jefferson City man faced trial Monday for murder charges dating back to September 2009.

Eleven male jurors and four female jurors were urged to keep an open mind until they heard all of the evidence in the trial of David Hosier.

The trial began with a recount of September 28, 2009 where a shooting occurred at 1100 W. High Street, Apartment #2. Authorities found Angela Gilpin who was shot in the chest and in the back of the head. Authorities found her husband Rodney was shot four times.

The state has accused David Hosier who was a neighbor of Angela's and reportedly had a brief relationship with her prior to her getting back together with her husband, Rodney.

As of noon Monday afternoon, the prosecution and defense gave opening statements. Several witnesses also gave statements. The witnesses were neighbors Jennifer Stubbs, Paula Savage, Christopher Roberts and Jeralyn Blaeckler, along with a friend of Hosier. Stubbs said she found the bodies and called 9-1-1. Savage said she heard three to four gunshots from roughly 3:15 a.m. to 3:20 a.m. Roberts said he awoke to about five gunshots and heard someone walk out the back door. Blaeckler talked about her knowledge of Gilpin and Hosier's relationship. Several voicemails were played from Hosier to Blaeckler from the Sunday before the murder.

The jury heard Hosier was found after a police chase in Oklahoma when he crossed a roadblock the same day the Gilpins were shot. Police found a 9 millimeter machine gun in the car with him along with 14 loaded firearms. An examiner for the prosecution claims some shell casings from the crime scene at Gilpin's apartment had unique marks.

The defense argued the guns found in Hosier's car could not be tied to the bullets used in the shooting of the Gilpins. The defense stressed burden of proof with the state and believes there is no credible physical evidence. They argued no fingerprints, no DNA, no trace of evidence and no eyewitnesses were present.

The judge ordered the jury not to speak with anyone, including the media, during the duration of the trial.