Jefferson City man accused of double homicide has history of violence

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JEFFERSON CITY - The man arrested for a double homicide in Jefferson City on Wednesday has been accused of physical violence in the past, even before his incarceration in 2014.

Brandon Rapier was arrested after two bodies were found in Jefferson City. One woman said he's been violent before towards her son. 

"He woke up in the middle of the night to someone sitting on top of him and pounding his face in," Susan Ludy said of her son.

In December of 2012, Ludy said, Rapier broke into a friend's place and beat her son, Trevor Ludy, while he was sleeping.

"He had multiple contusions to his face, his neck. It was very stiff. He felt like he was in a car accident, you know, and it stayed that way for quite awhile," Susan Ludy said.

Trevor Ludy has muscular dystrophy and still hurts sometimes from the assault, she said.

"My son is still traumatized," Susan Ludy said, "His neck has never been the same."

Rapier was not charged because Trevor Ludy didn't go to the hospital and get admitted, Susan Ludy said.

Since that happened there was no record of the incident.

KOMU reached out to both the Jefferson City Police Department and the Cole County Prosecutor's Office about the incident, but neither were available for comment because of the holiday weekend.