Jefferson City May Hold Off on Center

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JEFFERSON CITY - Jefferson City Council's budget committee met Thursday night. The city is looking at more than $2 million total in increased funding which includes more than $90,000 for maintenance. Jefferson City would like to improve its software maintenance system along with repairing parts of City Hall.

Thursday night the council also removed the $600,000 that was previously set aside for a new conference center, but that could change.

First ward member Mike Harvey said seven council members would like to see the money not spent at this time.

"It's just with a very very tight funding at this time," Harvey said. "I don't think that it's appropriate to take money out of the budget that we could be using for infrastructue type items."

Harvey says three members want the money originally set aside kept in the budget. Members debated the issue right before the meeting ended Thursday.

"This is our priority, and we want to get it done, and we want to get going on this," Fourth Ward Rep. Carrie Carroll said. "This is the time, and we need to get serious about this."

In February of 2010, voters approved a four percent increase on tax lodging. The council will bring up the conference center issue next week.