Jefferson City May See Changes With Public Schools

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JEFFERSON CITY - People in Jefferson City will have a chance next week to give input on a plan that could change how their children attend high school. Jefferson City Public Schools will hold its first public forum on the possible school changes Thursday, April 7th at 7:00 p.m. at the high school cafeteria.

Possible plans include building a second high school, breaking the high school experience into different campuses, or offering a large campus with different academic experiences, sort of like a university.

The plans are intended to help students find and cultivate their interests before they enter college or go to work.

"It's mainly just to make sure that we're preparing all students to graduate from high school and be successful at the next level, whether that's going to the military or that's going directly to work or that's going to college," David Luther, the Director of School-Community Relations said.

The Secondary Schools Study Committee has invited architects to create concept drawings of these three options. The estimated costs of these options vary from 40 millions to 60 million dollars.

The committee has set four dates for the public to come in and learn about the options. All four events will be held in the Jefferson City High School cafeteria.

You can visit the website of "Secondary Schools Study & Discussion" for more details.


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