Jefferson City Mayor: Sunday is "Alzheimer's Awareness Day" at Walk to End Alzheimer's

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Walk to End Alzheimer's kicked off in the rain Sunday in Jefferson City.

Mayor of Jefferson City, Carrie Tergin, announced, "today is officially Alzheimer's Awareness Day in the city of Jefferson."

Walkers of all ages were dressed in rain coats, rain boots, ponchos and flowers in hand, walking and raising money to support and find a cure to end Alzheimer's.

"Rain doesn't stop Alzheimer's and it doesn't stop the enthusiasm of this group and really getting out there and working and running and walking for Alzheimer's," Tergin said, "because they're very dedicated and passionate into funding a cure so this is just a way to do out part and Jefferson City can proclaim this day to do our part too."

According to the Alzheimer's Association, the different color flowers walkers hold in their hands signify their different encounters with Alzheimer's:

Blue — I have Alzheimer’s

Yellow — I am supporting or caring for someone with Alzheimer’s

Purple — I have lost someone to Alzheimer’s

Orange — I support the cause and a vision of a world without Alzheimer’s

Ameisha Crews, an Alzheimer's Caregiver for Jefferson City Manor Care Center, was among many at the walk, showing support for their loved ones who had suffered or are suffering from Alzheimer's.

"I've worked in long-term care for several years so all my residents are near and dear to my heart, those with Alzheimer's, dementia especially, and my grandmother also suffers from Alzheimer's dementia," Crews said.  

"We are out here to find a cure and contribute financially and contribute as a community, also giving support to others who need it, who have been affected by Alzheimer's," Tergin said.

"Proclaiming Alzheimer's Awareness Day in Jefferson city is just a way to bring awareness to this cause whether we have it in our immediate family, we are all part of this greater Jefferson City family," Tergin said, "and we need to step up and help each other, so they're stepping up in the rain, walking and enjoying this day here in Jefferson City."

"I'm here today to spread the word about Alzheimer's dementia and continue to raise money for a cure," Crews said.

According to The Walk to End Alzheimer's website, the walk has 331 participants and 45 teams that participated in Sunday's walk.  

To volunteer or donate to the walk, visit its website. Donations for this walk are accepted until December.