Jefferson City Medical Group Opens Its Women and Children's Center

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Medical Group, known as JCMG, held the grand opening of its Women and Children's Center on Saturday. JCMG's model of care is "physician-led health care."

The Women and Children's Center provides OBGYN and pediatrics care.

Richard Jennett, President of Jefferson City Medical Group, said a comfortable environment is important when making medical decisions.

"We believe that the best medical care results from patients sitting down with their providers, in a comfortable environment, making good decisions." Jennett said.

Jennett also said the more convenient health care is, the more likely people are willing to receive medical attention that could save their lives.

"This will make it easier for people to access health care for preventive care things like mammograms and immunizations," Jennett said. "We know that these things save lives and if we make it more convenient for people they'll have a higher rate of people doing what they need to stay healthy."

Jennett said opening the Women and Children's Center is a major step forward for the capitol area.

"Our idea is to have JCMG be as user friendly for families as possible."