Jefferson City mom advocates for gun control after being held at gun point

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JEFFERSON CITY - Susan Randolph is the co-lead for the Jefferson City chapter of Mom's Demand Action. But she hasn't always been an activist. 

While she was in Houston, Randolph said, she was held at gunpoint during a bank robbery.

"When I was eight months pregnant with my son I was in a bank robbery," she said. "The young man had us all lay down face down and put a gun to our head."

After the experience, Randolph said, her life changed.

"I was in shock," Randolph said. "I was about to have a baby. I was scared to go out in public." 

She said, even though she couldn't fight for herself during the robbery, she is choosing to fight for her grandchildren today.

"I have three grandchildren who attend school here in Jefferson City. They participate in active shooter drills," Randolph said. "And I think that's all they've ever known in their life and I wish a different kind of life for them."

Randolph helped organize one of many gun violence awareness events happening across the country Friday.

People gathered in Jefferson City and Columbia to discuss gun control, raise money and collect donations. 

At the Jefferson City event, Moms Demand Action pointed out domestic violence is worsened by gun violence.

The presence of a gun in domestic violence situations increases by 500 percent the risk the woman will die by homicide, according to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

The National Rifle Association combated the messages. It said on it's Facebook page Friday, "a gun is just a tool. Stop blaming the tool for the actions of the criminals."

Jefferson City's Mayor Carrie Tergin declared June 7 as Gun Violence Awareness Day in Jefferson City.