Jefferson City mulls regulations for ride-sharing companies

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JEFFERSON CITY - Even though companies like Uber, Lyft or Sidecar are not currently operating in the city, Jefferson City council members are planning for their arrival. 

Currently, these companies are defined as ride-sharing companies.

Jefferson City Council members want to redefine them as vehicles-for-hire. 

Under the new definition, Uber and other similar companies would be subject to the same regulations as taxis, limousines and other paid transportation services.

These regulations include background checks for drivers, clearly marked vehicles and permits through the city. Uber does not have any of these regulations in place. 

"Basically we just want to have an even playing field for any other ride services that would come here to Jefferson City," Fifth Ward Councilman Larry Henry said. 

Jefferson City also wants to avoid confusion before the companies arrive and have regulations in place before these companies arrive. 

In comparison, Uber launched without city regulations in Columbia on October 9.

Uber's operations however didn't last long.

As of Monday, Uber is not active in Columbia.

Regulations are currently under discussion by the Columbia City Council and are scheduled to announce new regulations on Monday night.

"What we found is that in other places they're having some issues getting those types of regulations passed on companies that are actually already there," Henry said. "We just want to get ahead of the game so to speak." 

The city council meeting will take place Monday night at 6 p.m. at the John G. Christy Municipal Building.