Jefferson City neighborhood facing high crime rates

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Police Department is focusing its attention on one neighborhood near Lincoln University, after multiple incidents of gunfire.

Residents living near Monroe Street and cross streets such as Hickory and E. Ashley have been victim to shots fired incidents in the past few months. JCPD is attributing the violence to gang activity.

“We continue to work very closely with federal agencies, to include the federal prosecutor, and our local prosecutor's office to develop effective strategies to destroy the gang network and use every means possible to arrest, convict and imprison those who jeopardize our citizens,” Lt. David Williams said.

JCPD reported several calls being made after shots were fired Thursday night. Renters and homeowners on that street told KOMU 8 they heard around eight gun shots, but this wasn’t the first instance of gunfire.

“I’m very upset about the situation because I hear it, my heart’s hurting, because I’m afraid somebody’s gonna be hurt, somebody’s gonna get shot, or a kid is going to get hit by a stray bullet and it kind of scares me,” resident Sarah Robinson-Holmes said.

Williams said the JCPD has been concentrating its resources on this specific area.

“The fact is, over the past couple of years, we have committed more resources to that neighborhood than just about any other area of the community,” he said.

Robinson-Holmes said she has been seeing the police around her neighborhood more often, but they aren’t patrolling the area enough.

“Evidently, they don’t do enough patrolling if it’s going on so often,” she said.