Jefferson City new board members have different approaches to upcoming rezoning

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JEFFERSON CITY – One new member of the Jefferson City Public Schools Board of Education views not breaking up current schools as a priority for redistricting. The other wants to equity in the student population. 

The school board swore in two new members, Lindsey Rowden and Ken Enloe, at its Monday meeting. Both members won their seats in last Tuesday's election.

Rowden wants to keep students together.

She said, "I'm definitely an advocate for leaving schools together. So not splitting up elementary schools and keeping those kids together for middle school and high school. I think that helps them build strong relationships and those strong bonds that they need to be successful.”

Enloe said he wants each school to have similar make-ups.

He said, "We want to try to keep equity in terms of the student population, in terms of enrollment, as well as diversity and, you know, economic levels in the two schools. So we don't want huge disparities between the two high schools.”

Jefferson City Public Schools is scheduled to open a new high school in fall 2019, which will require the district to rezone its boundaries. Though JCPS already has a separate committee tasked with making rezoning recommendations, the school board will have the final say.

Rowden was noncommittal to following the boundary committee recommendations.

"We'll just have to see what the recommendations are," she said.

Both discussed school safety as a priority, but both agreed they are not ready to arm teachers. They both said they need more information about possible risks involved.

"I really want to make sure that all our teachers and kids are feeling safe in the building," Rowden said.