Jefferson City officials worried about contamination in recycling bins

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JEFFERSON CITY- Over the past few months, officials in Jefferson City  have seen a rise in contamination of their glass recycling bins.

The city is partnered with recycling company Ripple Glass for these bins. There are four drop off locations around the city.

Contamination is classified as anything that's not glass mixed into the bins.

Jayme Abbott, the neighborhood services manager for Jefferson City, said she and Ripple Glass are “worried” about the contamination.

She says they think the reason for the rise is because the cardboard bins that used to be around the city were removed this past summer.

She attributes most of the contamination to what she calls “wishful recyclers” where people will mix in the rest of their recyclables in the bins, thinking, “‘Oh well, you know, this is a recyclable, they’ll figure it out,’” she said.

Abbott says this is a problem because anything mixed into the bins that isn’t glass is likely to end up in a landfill.

She says she's talking with Ripple Glass about possible solutions which include education and raising awareness. 

"Everybody has good intentions, and we want to make it a nice smooth process for everyone. Let's be good neighbors and get the correct glass in there and nothing else," she said. 

Abbott said they're also talking about modifying the bins so they can’t get the cardboard in there.

"It might be an inconvenience but it would lower the contamination in the future," she said.

If anyone needs help with their recycling they can always call the city and ask for more information. (573) 634-6410