Jefferson City Parking Downtown

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JEFFERSON CITY - Residential parking in downtown Jefferson City has been a hot topic of discussion around town for a while, and with the recent tabling of the issue, this left some people feeling unfulfilled.

Carrie Carroll, Fourth Ward City Councilwoman and owner of Carrie's Hallmark on the downtown strip, supported the movement for residential parking downtown, although she understood that it is not the most pertinent issue at this time.

Carroll said that the ordinance would have been good for encouraging movement into the downtown strip.

She said that when people look to move in, one of their first questions is "Where can I park?" and she felt that this bill may have answered that.

Carroll also said that the issue is not gone for good, although it will not be brought up in any upcoming meeting.

She said that this upcoming February, a transformation ballot will be issued and people will take a vote on one item including a 400 space parking structure.

Public forums were hosted before the tabling of the issue, and depending on how the downtown businesses and residents feel, the issue may be brought up again.