Jefferson City parking officer sues city for sexual harassment

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JEFFERSON CITY - A woman who worked as a Jefferson City parking enforcement officer is accusing her former boss of a long history of sexual harassment.

Lily Real said she reported to the city multiple times about being sexually harassed and discriminated against, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

"Ms. Real complained to the city, and kept complaining, but what the city did to remedy the situation we just don't have any knowledge on it,” said her attorney, Nimrod Chapel.

Real worked in parking enforcement from July 2016 until she was fired in March. According to the lawsuit, her supervisor, James "Buck" Wilson, subjected her to "repeated sexual harassment and discrimination."

Real claims Wilson stared at her breasts and buttocks; asked about her gynecological exams, sex life and vagina; asked her to tuck in her shirt so "he could see her body better"; kept a photo of her on his work computer desktop; and showed a photo of her to coworkers, asking them to comment on her appearance.

The lawsuit contends Real complained to Director of Human Resources Gail Strope on more than one occasion, as well the Public Works Department and the Operations Division. 

Strope said, when she receives a complaint, she "immediately does an investigation," talking to coworkers, supervisors, witnesses or anyone else who may have information. 

City counselor Ryan Moehlman said he cannot comment on specific ongoing litigation. 

Chapel said the lawsuit is needed to ensure accountability.

“When you have those policies they ought to be enforced and if you don't enforce the policy this is what happens. You end up with citizens who have to stick up for themselves because no one else will," he said.