Jefferson City Parks

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department could have a lot of paperwork ahead, after finding out it's not in compliance with a state law.

The department just learned it can't own any land it its name. That means some property will have to be re-titled with the city named as owner.

Parks Director Todd Spalding said he does not know how or when the re-titling process will take place.

The Parks Department is a subdivision of the city. Therefore, the city has to be the official owner of the properties.

“The correct title holder to real property is the City of Jefferson and not the Parks and Recreation Department,” said City Counselor Ryan Moehlman.

He said the law does not affect day-to-day operations of Jefferson City Parks and Recreation or its funding.

Spalding agreed, saying, “This affects what can be bought and sold and ultimately who’s name get’s to be on the title.” 

The Parks Department is allowed to purchase property dedicated to park uses, but titles must say the land is owned by the city.

“In the future, when acquiring properties, we want to make sure that we have the appropriate entity as the designated title holder, “ Moehlman said.