Jefferson City Parks and Rec uncovers lost memories

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CEDAR CITY - 22 years ago, Patty Green lost memories she thought she'd never get back. The flood of 1993 wiped out almost everything her family had, including pictures of her, her daughter Lena, and her newborn granddaughter Cera.

On Tuesday, however, Green was able to reclaim some photographs of her daughter that she lost so many years ago.

"I was shocked, I just couldn't believe it," she said. "I'm just glad to have them back."

Jefferson City Parks and Recreation was constructing a walking trail on the patch of land in old Cedar City (currently North Jefferson Recreation Area) where Green's family lived in 1993. That's when Andrew Bax spotted the photographs.

"I seen something that looked like paper," Bax said. I picked it up and seen it was a photograph of a mother holding a baby and I thought, boy, I thought to myself that could be the only picture they have left." (Read more.)

Green and her grand daughter


Green's daughter Lena with her daughter Cera

Green said she couldn't express how happy she was to have the pictures. She thought the flood had taken everything.

"I thought I lost all the family pictures, the only thing that was left in my trailer was the frame," she said.

Green said she found out about the pictures after Jefferson City Parks and Recreation's posted them to its Facebook page.

Green said she couldn't believe the pictures seemed so well preserved.

"I couldn't believe they looked this good," she said. "It's a miracle."

Patty's daughter Lena passed away in February last year.

"They say she had a seizure, they're not for sure. She just came home and the next morning her husband found her passed away," Green said. "That's why these are so precious to me. Now I've got some memories of her when she was younger, and the baby."

Green's granddaughter now lives in Tuscumbia, Missouri. Green and just had a baby of her own. Green said she still had not yet talked to her granddaughter about the pictures.

"She'll probably break down and cry like I do," she said. "She was really close to her mother."

Green went to the site where the pictures were found to personally thank the people who found them.

Bax said, "That brought me to tears, that she was tickled to death that that was her only pictures of her grandchildren and her daughter. I was glad that I could do that for her."

Green said she was happy that Jefferson City Parks and Recreation thought to put the pictures on Facebook.

"They could have just thrown them away, you know," she said. "I just hope by some miracle, they'll find some more pictures of somebody else's family."