Jefferson City Parks and Recreation Department could see some changes

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Jefferson City Parks and Recreation Department could see some major changes in authority if a recommendation goes through next week. 

The Jefferson City Charter Review Advisory Committee recommended three potential changes in the city's charter to the Parks and Recreation commission. 

"It would take that half cent sales tax that the voters put parks and rec in charge of, the commission in charge of,  it would turn that over to exclusive control from the city council," Parks Commission Vice President Lindsey Rowden said. 

Rowden said the Parks commission has complete control over funds from the half cent sales tax the voters put the commission in charge of. This allows them to create plans for parks and capital improvement and it can be done without the approval from anyone else. 

"That change would probably hinder our progress and just be unnecessary," Rowden said. 

The second change the Parks and Recreation Department could see is a new placement of their director. The director would report to the city administrator rather than the parks commission.

The third change the advisory committee is recommending is a change in the parks and recreation's budget. 

Rowden said it is unnecessary to change the language of the budget. 

"We currently have a great process in place so it's not necessary to adapt that budget or to change the language because the process we have right now is currently working," Rowden said. 

Rowden said the parks commission nor the park's staff was asked how they felt about it or what was working and what was not working. 

"Doing it this way and keeping it kind of quite, behind closed doors is not appropriate and not good for our community," said Rowden.